Abingdon Fitzharrys WI

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Future Plans  2016
12th April              Dave Maycock - talk on brass rubbings with demonstrations.
10th May              Barbara Hately - talk on the Changi Quilts.
14th June             Melissa Fletcher - flower arranging demonstration.
12th July              Simon Wenham - talk on Salter's Steamers.
9th August           Day time coach outing to Windsor.
13th September   Mary Gregory - talk on ACWW (Associated Countrywomen of the World).
                            "Poetry please".
11th October        Judge Anthony King - talk on life as a Crown Court Judge.
                             Bring and share Harvest Supper.
8th November      Clare Sargent - talk on the history of Radley College.
13th December    Christmas Party.                             

Other plans for 2016
9th December        Christmas lunch at Cosener's House, Abingdon.